Khanimambo’s campaign, ‘Déjate ayudar’, watched by 250,000 people

Fundación Khanimanbo has received more good news since the campaign ‘Déjate ayudar’ was launched the last year. First of all was the recognition of its great job when they were awarded with Fundraising 2012 Awards in the category of best campaign to obtain funds for companies with low budgets. Now, its video on YouTube has been watched almost by 250.000 people and the number of people involved in Khanimanbo has raised by leaps and bounds. Do not forget that 200 children, looked after by Fundación Khanimambo in Praia Xai-Xai, Mozambique, shouted their message: “Let you help”. This campaign is having a great impact within Spanish media and society.

It is high time to keep on contributing on this experience and let it grow even more. The message is clear: let you help and receive all the happiness that children from Mozambique have to send you. With the commitment of everybody we will get that this campaign keeps on growing. We would like to say thank you to those people who have relied on Khanimambo. This support has been vital and it would have been impossible without your nice words and brilliant work.