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Dubsar PR is your agency for Spain

Dubsar PR is your agency for Spain: the easy way to Spanish public relations. Do you have a message, an idea or a product to deliver? If so, we have the expertise to help you  reach your public. The difference between success and failure is the way you communicate.

Dubsar PR offers a full range of modular services providing everything you would expect from a public relations company: from developing your initial communications strategy to its implementation. All our media relations work is thought, designed and planned to create a strong impact on paper, on air and online.

In a competitive world, where the difference between success and failure is just in one click, versatility may constitute an added value for your company. Working on this idea is essential for Dubsar PR and we deliver customized solutions to our partners. This strategy is rather different if we are talking about television, blogs or social media.


Media relations

We help you funnel your message

Dubsar PR will do its best to get you the highest circulation. Our aim is for your message to reach most of your potentials customer and for you to strand out from other companies as well. It may not seem easy to you, but Dubsar PR will give you the main solutions to your problems.

We maximize positive media coverage because we listen actively to you in order to build such a strong relationship between our customer and the media. We can lay the foundations for building sound media relations because we have credibility within both mainstream and regional media. We are committed to our clients. We want more than just a day-to-day working relationship. Our acquired experience will enhance your communication strategy.

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Digital PR

More than words

Words are not enough. We make tailored campaigns or strategies for the digital era. Our services also include pictures and audiovisual production. We do want to make your work easier and live up to your expectations. Is your mind get stressed thinking about pictures or videos? Dubsar PR will come up with the solution that best fits your company. It is sometimes impossible to communicate just with a press release.

If you need an illustratationor picture for your corporate image or magazine, we can do this for you. Perhaps you have to advertise your company on TV and you do not know how to do it. Our multimedia communication schemes will solve your queries.

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Regional PR

Much more than Madrid and Barcelona

Reaching the media with your messages, providing useful and relevant information with perfect format and timing, requires a thorough knowledge of the Spanish media. We will raise awareness of your company throughout Spain because Dubsar PR has a very close relationship with regional media. Your main target is not sometimes a national one, so our mission is to ensure that all our client messages are driven in the right direction.

In view of the fact that Spain has 17 regions, you cannot take this power and position for granted. A lot of people are obsessed with pitching their product nationally, but regional PR might be more relevant for underpinning your company.

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Meet your audiences

Dubsar PR will help you plan and budget, co-ordinate and liaise with suppliers, find entertainment and venue. We will find the right place to hold the event.

Our purpose is to launch your campaign so that it makes a significant and outstanding impact, because we assume that an event goes further than a press briefing or a press conference.

The name, visibility or intangible assets are behind the organization of an event

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Strategic planning

Time, precision and strategy

Public relations require time, precision and strategy. It is impossible to fulfil your goals if we do not listen to you actively. We provide you with tailored planning and a precise schedule that will allow you to be aware of the actions taken. Dubsar PR takes everything into account in order to give you a sensible schedule.

Working without criteria is a great mistake. Our aim is to involve you in all the decisions so that  your goal are backed by strategic planning. The timing of an action may tip the balance between success and failure

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