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Relaciones Públicas España - Comunicación

IPRA sheds light on PR in Spain

We have to thank IPRA its interest in knowing better the situation in Spain as regards public relations sector. To be more precise, about doing PR in Spain. We hope all our partners in IPRA and worldwide read carefully how companies are coping with the current crisis scenario. One of the most important conclusions pointed […]

Dubsar PR meets new partners in Berlin

From January 18 to January 21, the PR agency based in Madrid Dubsar PR is travelling to Berlin in order to meet new partners. The purpose os this trip is to consolidate its relationships with other PR agencies in Germany and foster its internationalization. Due to these meetings, Dubsar’s strategy, in which they have a […]

Communicating and travelling, two PR challenges

Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote “there is so much diference between travelling to sightseeing countries and for observing societies”. This particular view is what make possible to communicate in a different way something familiar to a lot of people like travelling.  Because we must have in mind the fact that making a trip is an issue […]