Case studies

SMART Technologies

Dubsar provides PR consulting services to SMART Technologies since 2007. We appreciete their local perspective and expertise in Public Relations in Spain, being a reliable partner whose advice we can trust.

Martine Vesco – Senior PR Specialist SMART EMEA

We are proud to provide our communication consulting services to SMART Technologies, an innovative NASDAQ traded company, that is a leading provider of collaboration solutions and is changing the way the world works and learns.

We enjoy working with SMART and since 2007 we have provided marketing and PR consulting services, adapting to their needs and trying always to be a reliable partner that they can trust with their communication strategies. They appreciate our local perspective and expertise that has helped strengthen their leadership and visibility in the Spanish market

Fundación Khanimambo

When we asked Dubsar to help us with the launch of the “Déjate Ayudar” campaign, we couldn’t imagine the media impact we could reach in just a few weeks. We presented Fundación Khanimambo in Madrid and Barcelona, reaching national, regional and specialized media that highlighted the impact of our video campaign.

Alexia Vieira –  Founder of Fundación Khanimambo

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we work with the NGO Fundación Khanimambo. They requested our services to overcome their problems with the social media and to organise different events. The main objective of the events was, for instance, to raise awareness of the role played by Fundación Khanimambo in Mozambique and spread the campaigns and initiatives set in the African country.

We have contributed decisively to the diffusion of a video produced by Fundación Khanimambo on the Internet. Not only did the video go viral in the social media due to our digital planning, but also a great deal of media echoed Khanimambo’s project undertaken at Mozambique. With events in Madrid and Barcelona, a large number of people began noticing Fundación Khanimambo and supported the NGO to carry on with their activities.

European Commission

The members of the Dubsar team have an excellent background in institutional PR, helping a variety of media across Spain to understand and communicate EU Affairs.

Miguel Puente – European Commission representative

The Spanish representation of the European Commission has relied on us for a varied customized works. One of the most significant collaboration between Dubsar PR and the European Commission was the creation of a brochure as regards the future incorporation of Croatia to the European Union. As a PR Boutique, we offer a tailored service focused on enhancing the knowledge of this relevant issue for the Spanish -and European- society and providing key information about Croatia.

Coordinated with the European Commission, we listened to the institution actively so we designed the layout of the leaflet and the content according to its requirements. Working with public institutions may sound tricky because there are a lot of interests, but our PR boutique philosophy gave us the expertise to combine different points of view for delivering an outstanding service, which gathers the goals of all the actors.

Estancias con Arte

Dubsar had a key role in our business success. They ensured great visibility in Spanish media and set up the basis for a solid social media strategy that is now one of our brand strenghts.

Cristina Garrido – CEO of Estancias con Arte

This Spanish firm has inaugurated several thematic apartments and came up to Dubsar PR to funnel their messages in order to build strong relationships with the media. We came up with a very interesting to deliver Estancias con Arte’s rooms because they were very visual and so innovative for the sector the company belongs.

These cosy and charming apartments attracted the attention of both specialized and mainstream media as the scheme and decor. Television, regional media, bloggers or foreign magazines were delighted with the rooms. For us, the most important idea to deliver consisted in highlighting the difference between a standard accommodation and the rooms offered by Estancias con Arte. The presence of the Spanish firm in the media has been increased by leaps and bounds and they are very well positioned as regards media relations.

European Year for Active Ageing

Spain is a decentralized country and the regional media has an important power

Sometimes, big PR agencies in Spain ten to focus in Madrid and Barcelona neglecting the rest of Spain. This was not the case of the organizers of the European Year for Active Ageing Evets. We were asked to ensure media visibility for the launch event of the European Year taking place in the small city of Ávila and the results were dazzling, with a huge coverage from regional and local media together with the coverage from a bus of specialized journalists we brought from Madrid.

Fundació Itinerarium

The collaboration with Itinerarium came out of the blue

They sponsored the Spanish water polo championship, so they needed texts for a brochure, slogans and press materials. We made a huge effort to be on time in order to have everything written and prepared for the event. Copywriting is sometimes stressful, but the outcome is rewarding. Itinerarium praised the job we did. They were delighted with the quality we delivered, bearing in mind the few time we had to do everything.

Accurate services represents an important part of our job as public relations agency in Spain. Dashing off is not our perception of copywriting. We added value to Itinerarium’s campaign and we are committed to the companies that rely on our team. If we had not been able to deliver a timely service, we would have refused to work with Fundació Itinerarium. We do want to satisfy the needs of our clients, but delivering a proper service.

Fundación Carlos Amberes

Providing education material which is published on the Internet afterwards

We have provided communication services to Fundación Carlos de Amberes creating multimedia content for their campaign Que hace europa por nosotros, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the cooperation of the European Journalists Association.  We created educational content about EU affairs such as as the Digital Agenda or European institutions.