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A reliable partner for your communication and marketing needs in Spanish

A Digital PR Agency

Making a change in communication

Dubsar is a full service, Public Relations and Marketing consulting agency based in Madrid. Since 2007 we have helped a variety of national and international companies and institutions.

We pride ourselves on offering dazzling results leveraging all the new communication tools while keeping the human perspective in our relations with customer, media and audiences.

Our boutique approach ensures a customized service based on trust that is also at the core of our Media Relations strategy. We focus on being useful and meaningful when we contact journalists, creating win-win experiences and avoiding spammy communication.

Why Dubsar? The Dubsars were the first scribes, those who put and end to the Bronze Age and who set up the beginning of History. With their business-oriented cuneiform script on clay tablets, they changed communication forever. These pioneers of written communication inspired our team to make a difference in a new era of changes, tablets and innovation.

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A communication partner

Reliable guide to Spanish market

We have a a good track record helping international companies to set up a marketing and communication strategy for the Spanish market.

We won’t be your eyes, but at least the accurate glasses that will help you adapt your messages to the Spanish society and language. Our international experience and local expertise will set the basis for a fruitful relationship whether you are B2B, channel, channel or end consumer oriented.

Whether you are a big international institution, a NASDAQ company, a Ministry, a small but promising start-up or an NGO, we will give you the best advice to funnel your messages to your audiences.


We offer full-service PR and marketing services

PR and Marketing consulting for the Spanish market
Media relations, press releases, events, press clippings

Social Media Marketing and Communication
Community Management, SMM, SEM, SEO

Multimedia Content 
Video, blogs, videoblogs, copywriting, e-books, newsletters, magazines

Communication training
Spokespersons, community managers

Planning and management






Alberto Melida, Managing Partner

Graduated in Journalism from the UCM Madrid, completing further studies in UCP (Lisboa), UNISINOS (Brazil), NYFA (USA), RESAD and ECAM. Alberto worked for companies and institutions in the Jordan, Brazil Mexico and the USA before returning to Madrid in 2006, when he became a communication consultant for the European Commission as audiovisual consultant and Spanish correspondent of the European Citizen’s Information Program PRINCE), taking part in numerous advertising campaigns, media events and training sessions across Spain and the EU.

As a journalist he has collaborated with: Telecinco, Lainformacion.com, TV CyL, Diario Palentino, El Faro de Ceuta, El Norte de Castilla, TV Unisinos (Brazil)

Sergio Rozalen International Projects Manager

Graduated in Journalism (UCM) and he has a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration in ESIC. He has worked in the audiovisual and IT sectors in Madrid and Lisbon.

He worked as a freelance Audiovisual Consultant for the EC before founding Dubsar.


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