Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Why would you choose Dubsar as your Digital Marketing in Spain?

Being involved in a society and improving your business requires presence and participation in social networks. We have acquired extensive experience working with them. We will deal with these tools for you. Let us help you to deliver your message. Digital marketing allows you to reach potential customers and to target clients easier. On the Net almost everything is happening. If you are not there, you are losing visibility and position.

Due to our many years of experience in the online world, we understand the social web and how to make it work on behalf of our clients. Our mission is to ensure that all our client campaigns are proactive, reactive and, above all, interactive. In the current digital era, our services also include pictures and audiovisual production. So, you have to build your reputation and gain presence in the digital world. This is why we are committed to offer you a comprehensive solution.

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Social Media Marketing

Are you concerned about your brand name?

How do you intend penetrating the Spanish market? Social networks are your allies to improve your business and liaise with Spanish customers directly. Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter are such important social networks that it is not difficult to enhance your presence in your sector. Apart from this, our professional database allows us to keep in touch with companies and customers at the same time, making your brand more visible in Spain.

We do not want to bother you with the classic Internet campaign. Our expertise in the field has taught us how to make the best out of social media by using the proper tools at the right moment, like SEO, SEM and browser position.

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Community management

Social communication means transparency and feedback

Communicating by using unilateral methods is a big  mistake. Dubsar will be your community manager and will come up with the ideal strategy. We are eager to manage your social media communication and advise you, so that your social marketing investment will have higher returns.

Updating your profile, tweeting relevant information and uploading some pictures of the events merely represent one part of a community management strategy. We open your company and business to a large number of people who are interested in knowing what you have to say. This is important, as not everything should be published on the Net.

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Digital Content

We are familiar with the creation of digital content

Press releases are a good tool for reaching the media, but it is not enough to enhance the visibility and the position of your company. We understand that a company that aims to penetrate the Spanish market for the first time, requires a great deal of content to become well-known. For this reason, we are familiar with the creation of digital content; going beyond the written tools, such as SEO position and SEM.

Providing that you agree with our initiatives, we may make videos or blogs in order to have a presence on the Internet. Digital tools are very valuable and affordable to improve your business. In addition, it brings you the opportunity of a win-win business solution

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More than a standard PR approach

As a part of our digital marketing services, copywriting represents the perfect chance to introduce your business on the Net. We are used to posting content in blogs or corporate websites. If you have something to communicate, we know how to write your messages and gain as much visibility as possible.

We are passionate about the brand we are working with. If you are struggling to come up with the content for each page, or you just need someone to go over the pages you have written and make it more “readable and digestible” for online reading, we can help you.

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More than what it is shown

As a PR agency in Spain, we are focused on the Spanish market providing you with more than just a communication approach. If you are new in the Spanish sector, we have a solution for your company. Starting is often tricky, but digital tools are to help you.

We understand that there is more to a brand name than simple appearances. Internet plays a key role in increasing your visibility and positioning your brand name. Through social media and Internet we strive hard to position your company in the Spanish market, so that your firm will become well-known.

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