Improve your communication and English skills with Action English

If you want to improve your English but don’t feel like taking English lessons, maybe you should try doing any activity that you like, in English. For example, you could try Theatre in English with ACTion English.

We are not neutral here because we have helped ACTion English with their online digital strategy (you can check below some of the videos we produced for them), but also because we have tried ACTion English Theatre lessons and we are big fans of their teaching methods!

What is ACTion English?

ACTion English is a theatre company for adults based in the centre of Madrid for people who want to improve their confidence speaking English through theatre. Since 2003, Harriet Thompson and Schuyler Hedstrom have been teaching classes which help students lose their fear of public speaking, improve their pronunciation and vocabulary, increase their ability to improvise, and learn stage techniques so they can act on the stage like professional actors.

In class

We begin each class with a series of warm-up exercises—for the voice as well as for the body and the imagination. Then we introduce some improvisation games, famous scenes from plays and films, and songs. Students rehearse in class so that later, at the end of the school year, they can present plays or sketches to show to their friends and family.

You do not need previous theatre experience

Previous theatre experience is unnecessary and ACTion English students come from different backgrounds and countries. Attending class once a week in the evenings, students have a good time where they take a break from their daily stress and routines.

If you live in Madrid, give it a try, ask for your trial class in