PR and communication lessons learnt from the Olympics


It is clear that sport goes beyond frontiers. With the celebration of the XXX Olympic Games in London, we have seen the great importance that has an event of global magnitude such as the Olympics. For this reason, promoting a brand name and public relations is so important. We do not intend to talk about Usain Bolt, Mo Farah or the success of the Spanish women’s sport in this competition, but highlighting the importance of global events have to secure a position. In short, the power of communication and public relations.

Dubsar PR had the opportunity to go for a week at the Olympic Games and appreciate the significance that takes an event like this. Tens of thousands of people walking in the Olympic park, filling stadiums around the city and living in first person the Olympics. This is the escape in which national federations operate. The Swiss delegation understood this concept since the first moment. The Helvetians placed its center of operations (so-called “Switzerland’s home”) in the  Southbank. It was near the Thames and next to the London Bridge. This is one of the busiest areas of London and very trendy right now. Apart from the location, they opened the area to anyone, showing its gastronomy, traditions and everything that was related to Switzerland. In other words, they did a commendable public relations exercise, whether one likes its food or not. Well, after all, you could always have a drink and watching a match in the giant screen they installed.

The Spanish case was different. They moved to southwest London. Specifically in the area of ​​South Kensington. One of the most expensive areas of the city and largely residential. The Spaniards used a hotel to create the “House of Spain”, which could only get people to pick up tickets and members of the Spanish delegation. If we compared this strategy with the commitment of the Swiss federation, we can learn what might be learnt in order to improve the Spanish public relations and communication work in future global events. With this strategy, the brand Spain is not meaningful and you put all the eggs in one basket: the success obtained by your delegation in the Olympics. Spain would spring to people’s mind just when the athletes achieved something. So, you lose all kinds of visibility and connection with the public, except for sporting success obtained. For this reason, communication and public relations can never be put aside, because it is very easy to lose an opportunity like the Olympics.