Strategic Planning in Spain

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is vital for a proper public relations service. Public relations require time, precision and strategy. It is impossible to fulfil your goals if we do not listen to you actively. We provide you with and a precised schedule that will allow you to be aware of the actions taken. Dubsar PR takes everything into account in ordert to give you a comprehensive and sensible schedule.

We aim to understand your current position and the possible avenues along which we can pursue a particular course of action. We will come up with strategic programs which combine a mix of publicity, creative marketing, promotions, copywriting, media relations and everything your company may need.

The main idea of establishing a strategic plan is to communicate your messages to a wide range of media outlets. We have broad experience identifying and reaching key people of influence who are relevant to a specific product, brand or campaign.

Strategic planning, the difference between success and failure

The expertise of our small group of professionals is an added value when it comes to drafting and implement strategic planning for your business. You can be sure that we will work with you on a daily basis in order to ensure consistency in our messages, and in ourrelationship with key figures and while we prepare senior management for press announcements.

Dubsar PR will develop different strategies for your business, so that you can decide which one is more suitable for your interests. Our solutions may range from a simple press release to the most creative and effective plan you have ever come across.

Besides the creation of a strategic plan, our main aim is to provide you with a win-win situation with both stakeholders and media outlets. It is said that the outset of a good communication campaign depends on the flow of information provided. This does not meanevertything should be publisized or certain things played down, just that only what is relevant ir released.

Strategic planning services

  • Active listening to build a strategic plan.
  • Communication plan based on your needs.
  • Progressive implementation of the foreseen plan.
  • Proven-track record in building relations through a strategic plan.
  • Comprehensive and sensible actions.

Management of SMART Technologies’ communication in Spain

SMART Technologies started from nothing in Spain, so strategic planning was needed to raise awareness within Spanish market. The company relied on Dubsar PR to achieve this goal. We became a partner in Spain for SMART in order to foster media relations for them. We provided a flow of communication between the solutions provided by the Canadian firm and both specialized and mainstream media.

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