Regional PR in Spain

Regional PR in Spain

You may wonder what the purpose is of discussing regional PR. If you are not familiar with decentralized countries, like Spain, that concept might be odd for you. Explaining the concept and the reason is a crucial part of our services.

In Spain there are 17 regions with considerable autonomy, which means that every single regions has its own government, industries, media… So, things in Spain do not revolve around Madrid or Barcelona, the most well-known cities.

Coming back to the main concept of regional PR, Madrid-based Public Relations agencies tend to focus on Madrid media, neglecting the power and influence offered by regional media groups.

Regional PR, key to delivering your message in Spain

Regional media plays a very important role in a decentralized country, such as Spain. In Dubsar we have a proven track record following years of work all around Spain. We understand the main role of regional groups such as Grupo Joly or Vocento, apart from the delegations of the mainstream media based in the capitals of several regions that provide local information.

In fact, this part of the information process is taken for granted by big size PR agencies and they do not consider the possibility of sending a press release or launching a campaign at a regional level.

Dubsar offers a PR team that is thorough and professional, and approaches all its activities with honesty, transparency and tenacity. Our knowledge of the regions and how regional media works is an added value that distinguishes Dubsar from other PR agencies.

If you have a message or idea to deliver, you might consider the possibility of starting from regional media in order to reach the national media eventually. Sometimes, it is better to begin raising awareness at a regional level than fail to deliver a message at a national level.

Regional PR services

  • Create regional campaigns.
  • Material for the regional media.
  • Proven-track record in working with regional media.
  • Develop relationships with the regional media.
  • Adapt messages to a regional level.

The European Year reached the media in Ávila

With the European Year we were asked to organise events a long way from Madrid or Barcelona. Despite this, we had lots of coverage. Your locations is not important providing you have a good story to tell and a solid relationship with the media. Fortunately, we had dealt with regional media several times, so we lived up to the expectations of the European Year. Beginning with regional media usually sparks a message in the mainstream media.

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