Spain public affairs

Spain public affairs

Business interests and government decisions are inextricably intertwined in the Spanish public affairs. But a message may be muddied when created within the confines of defined rules, laws and legislation. At Dubsar PR, we will help you manage the potential risks and reap the bottom-line benefits of working with Spanish institutions.

In Spain there are 17 regions with considerable autonomy, which means that every single regions has its own government, industries, media… So, things in Spain do not revolve around Madrid or Barcelona, the most well-known cities.

Regional media plays a very important role in a decentralized country, such as Spain. In Dubsar we have a proven track record following years of work all around Spain.

Spanish affairs, understanding the decentralization

The starting point of any Spanish public affairs programme, whether pure government relations or a more broad-based public affairs campaign, is a thorough picture of who pulls the levers of power on your issue, who influences those people and what other routes offer themselves as an effective transmission-route for your message. This is vital to understand because in a decentralized country like Spain you have several spheres of power.

It is not just about the ability of an organisation to respond and adapt no matter how. We develop strategies that allow companies to take the initiative in decision-making, champion their vision and innovation and set the agenda for both lawmakers, and their competitors.

Spanish public affairs PR services

  • Consultancy on reaching Spanish institutions.
  • Relations with both regional and central governments.
  • Stakeholder mapping.
  • Developing relationships with Spanish stakeholders.
  • Assessing and identifying opportunities and challenges.

The European Year 2012 reached the media in Ávila

With the European Year we were asked to organise events a long way from Madrid or Barcelona. Despite this, we had lots of coverage. Your locations is not important providing you have a good story to tell and a solid relationship with the media. Fortunately, we had dealt with regional media several times, so we lived up to the expectations of the European Year. Beginning with regional media usually sparks a message in the mainstream media.

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