European Union affairs

European Union affairs

Business interests and government decisions are inextricably intertwined. But a message may be muddied when created within the confines of defined rules, laws and legislation. At Dubsar PR, we will help you manage the potential risks and reap the bottom-line benefits of working with European institutions.

Successful communication in the public sector requires a unique set of skills: political acumen, critical insight and a degree of creativity. The Dubsar PR team has all of these … and more. Our integrated network of experienced practitioners — who has worked in-house of the European institutions— have the relationships you want and the multidiscipline expertise you need.

European affairs, do not get lost in bureaucracy

The European Union has the potential to have a dramatic impact on any business; its decisions are capable of changing the parameters of how it operates, the nature of its market place and the expectations of its customer base.

The ability to understand, predict and influence this impact can be the different between success and failure and should be key to a company’s long-term strategic planning.

The advice that we give our clients reflects this, and often extends far beyond the passage of individual pieces of legislation to include a long-term vision of the evolving policy environment and the changes this brings in terms of both legislative and market trends.

European affairs PR services

  • Consultancy on reaching European institutions.
  • Working closely with policy decision makers on a European level.
  • Management of European bureaucracy.
  • Developing relationships with European stakeholders.
  • Gaining insights into European affairs.

The European Year 2012 reached the media in Ávila

With the European Year we were asked to organise events a long way from Madrid or Barcelona. Despite this, we had lots of coverage. Your locations is not important providing you have a good story to tell and a solid relationship with the media. Fortunately, we had dealt with regional media several times, so we lived up to the expectations of the European Year. Beginning with regional media usually sparks a message in the mainstream media.

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