PR Services in Spain

Education&Technology media relations

PR in Education & Technology

Dubsar PR is your agency for Spain if you need to deliver your message within the Education domain. We have a proven track record on the field. Dubsar PR has been working for SMART Technologies for more than 6 years. We have been its eyes and ears in the Spanish market. Our expertise in the Education sector has been recognised by SMART’s representatives. Martine Vesco, Senior PR Specialist SMART EMEA, says: “Dubsar provides PR consulting services to SMART Technologies since 2007. We appreciete their local perspective and expertise in Public Relations in Spain, being a reliable partner whose advice we can trust.”

In the same vein, we deliver your ideas and messages within the technology market. Not only is SMART Technologies a company related to Education sector, but also it is at the forefront of technological devices. We know how difficult might be to communicate about technology, but in Dubsar PR we have developed proper contacts with media desks and we keep in touch with journalists. We are aware of what is important for both specialized and mainstream media as regards technology domain.

Crisis management

Do not panic, it as an opportunity

In a competitive world, where the difference between success and failure is just in one click, the management of a crisis properly may constitute an added value for your company. Working on this idea is essential for Dubsar PR and we deliver customized solutions to our partners. Dubsar PR will do its best to give you the ideal solution when a crisis arises. It may not seem easy to you, but Dubsar PR will tackle the crisis with you in order to avoid communication problems in a crisis framework.

We maximize positive media coverage because we listen actively to you in order to build such a strong relationship between our customer and the media. Managing a crisis is tough and Dubsar PR will prepare to face up no matter the situation. Indeed, we have our own crisis management network. So we have the experience to prevent terrible mistakes during this moment of confusion.

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Public affairs

EU and Spain affairs

Dubsar PR team have been working on European affairs for a long time. We know the European institutions and we have a proven track record on these issues. Miguel Puente, European Commission representative, says: “The members of the Dubsar team have an excellent background in institutional PR, helping a variety of media across Spain to understand and communicate EU Affairs.”

In view of the fact that Spain has 17 regions, you cannot take this power and position for granted. A lot of people are obsessed with pitching their product nationally, but regional PR might be more relevant for underpinning your company. We will raise awareness of your company throughout Spain because Dubsar PR has a very close relationship with regional media. Spanish public affairs requires to know the hierarchy and layout of the public administration, what is not very easy if you do not have the right PR team.