Young and Old meet to debate in the classroom as part of the generations@school project

Secondary students and senior citizens met in Colsada to debate and propose an “Intergenerational decalogue”


Spain is taking part in the European project generations@school with an intergenerational experience held in Coslada, putting together senior citizens and students of 3rd of ESO. During the event, senior citizens shared their experiences about what it means to grow, how to foster a better understanding between young and older people and what they could do together for a better future.

During the day, held in IES La Cañada, youth and senior citizens created several working groups that lately were put together to suggest an “Intergenerational decalogue”.

More than 350 schools all over Europe have participated in the generations@shchool project that invites schools to open their doors to senior citizens to discover how intergenerational dialogue contributes to a better understanding. The schools may host a variety of events, including discussions between the older people and the pupils, games, and artistic activities like drawing, theatre, music, handcraft activities, etc. Solidarity between generations plays a crucial role, not only in improving the future of Europe as a whole, but also in our own lives. By spending time together in their families and their communities, older and younger people can learn many things from and about each other, thus enriching their lives and their mutual understanding.

Interested schools will find ideas and supporting documents on how to organize the generations@school day on the project website. The website also allows schools to upload images (photos and drawings) about their experiences on a map of Europe. Over 60 schools have already shared their intergenerational experiences and photo.


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