Style guide to report about homeless people

This Style Guide is a perfect tool for those journalists and for everybody who wants to report about homeless people. Despite their appereance, the reality of this collective is still one of the most unknown in the world; what means the creation of a stigma, prejudices and false myhts that are in the mind of teh society for a long time.

This document offers a lot of proposals and pragmatic vocabulary in order to communicate better this situation and get closer to such complex reality. Furthermore, it will realize which the most appropiate vocabulary is, give a real vision of their world and reduce sterstereotypes of one of the principal groups of the society who are excluded from the Spanish society.

The purpose of this Guide not only has it been thought for mass media, but also reflect a positive image of down and out people, avoiding political correctness and softening one of the most important problems (and several times forgotten) of developed societies. The main goal is to provide a tool for journalists and people linked to communication in order to report with clarity and quality, applying deontological principles in the pieces of news related to this part of the society.