Spanish journalists rely on Public Relations agencies

Despite the power of social media, traditional sources are the most used way to write a piece of news throughout Spanish journalists. This is the main conclusion unveiled by Oriella PR Network survey. According to the study, 62% of journalists are often using the material provided by Public Relations agencies, 51% interview some experts in the issue and 33% gather the speeches of spokespersons. However, journalists are demanding more and more to do their job. They want to receive not just a traditional press release or a picture of the event. They do need different formats, for instance videos or audios, and clear, unique and well-written stories in order to reach more their audience.

Obviously, social media has changed the way of working in the newsrooms. Spanish journalists are said they use Twitter (31%) or Facebook (28%) to look for and contrast the information, not being pretty trustworthy though. In addition, 31% of journalists polled underscore they follow only blogs which have been checked previously, but a 15% go for blogs whose writer is not well-known for them.