No sales at Høsten, say hello to smart shopping


In just two months, Høsten – by Christensen & Huarte, has realized that consumption habits have changed in Spain and smart shopping is the new trend. This concept is a new way of shopping, in which buying is more balanced than in other times. People still need little presents to give or just for decorating their homes. However, they do that with more criteria and thinking through the price. Hosten’s clients do not want sales because they prefer to have the best prize throughout all the year.

The success of Høsten by Christensen & Huarte, a Danish style shop which opened the doors in November in Calle Goya in Madrid, shows that, in a tough context, people are still looking for original gifts and a different style in the tiny things used at home. Nowadays, clients call on a quality-price realtion much more exigent than ever.