Meet the Dubsar 2.0

ScribeDubsars were the masters of cuneiform script in the old ages of Mesopotamia, the first scribes. With their cune-shape symbols over clay tablets, they finished the Bronze Age and the full Prehistory and set up the beginning of Human History. These pioneers of written communications changed the world: economy, business, art, entertainment, everything would be different with a tool that allows humans to store data in a support different than their own brains.

Now, in a new and amazing of what has been called Information Society, the old Dubsars inspire our team to keep exploring the new opportunities that communication tools offer to us.


It doesn’t matter if it is a clay tablet or an Android tablet, we are living amazing times and communication is our passion, so we want to make a difference through it, helping people, business and institutiones to communicate better.


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Photo: Scribe in Louvre Museum (CC by Sirexkat)