IPRA sheds light on PR in Spain

International Public Relations Association Spain

We have to thank IPRA its interest in knowing better the situation in Spain as regards public relations sector. To be more precise, about doing PR in Spain. We hope all our partners in IPRA and worldwide read carefully how companies are coping with the current crisis scenario. One of the most important conclusions pointed out in the article is that investing in PR in Spain activities makes sense as much as in any of the other big EU countries. “Spain is the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone, and thirteenth largest in the world. It is dynamic and with a solid grounding, despite the difficult current situation”.

If you want to learn more about PR in Spain, have a look at the following article. Just to encourage you, here is the first paragraph of the text:

If you are planning to do business and PR in Spain now, there are some factors to be taken into consideration. First of all, it is a country still suffering from recession, and this brings some obvious consequences. People consume less, many can’t afford to spend much, others can afford to buy but prefer to save money and even those that are well-off keep from showing off too much.