Indispensable presents coming from Fundación Khanimambo

The 200 children attended by Fundación Khanimambo at Praia Xai-Xai (Mozambique), are aware of the current situation, both in Spain and in their country, and they are worried about those people who did not received the present they would like on Christmas.

For this reason, like the year before when all the children put together their voices with a clear message: , this Christmas time they have created a collection of “indispensable presents”, specially designed in their happiness’ factory of Fundación Khanimambo.

Children of Fundación Khanimambo, in Mozambique, have thought a glasses in order to see the world in a different way in 2013. They have delivered to their “godsons” in Spain and in other parts of the world these Rayn-bow glasses. To understand better all the process, Khanimambo’s children give you this song. Enjoy it!