Communicating and travelling, two PR challenges

Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote “there is so much diference between travelling to sightseeing countries and for observing societies”. This particular view is what make possible to communicate in a different way something familiar to a lot of people like travelling.  Because we must have in mind the fact that making a trip is an issue related to communication. Let’s take a common example: a turist guide. It is a recollection of routes, places, spots to visit, mandatory views, restaurants… a great deal of sorted, classified, prioritized an edited information in order to help readers. More examples about why travelling is linked to communication. There are tv programmes exclusively dedicated to travels, such as canal Viajar, tv programmes that goes off the beaten track, like Nosolomusica, and blogs, enahncing their presence within internet more and more and giving a different point of view about tourism and sightseeing: Viaje al atardecerEl rincón de Sele3 viajes al díaNomaders Voy a internet are ones of the most recognised on the Net and their visits are rocketing.

Coming back to the main idea of this post, as we said, Nosolomusica is one of these tv programmes that has been broadcoast for several years in Telecinco (national Spanish broadcoaster). It takes a different look at travelling. One of the most recent videos is about Andorra. Yes, that country between France and Spain which is very well-known due to the fact that it is cheaper to fill in your tank. Besides topics, Nosolomusica gets closer the reality of this country. A particular approach that sparks curioisity among travellers adn highlights the hidden part of Andorra. A part that goes unnoticed for those people who only think about skiing and no to have a look at the environment which sourrounds them.

There are so many ways of making a journey. But also it is possible to communicate a trip in different ways. Personal experiences enrich these “adventures”. We should not take this for granted, as well as the fact that being creative, original and offering something more than the rest could be what makes the difference. Previous blogs and Nosolomusica work in this way and this is the added value for the audience. So, communicating and travelling: two PR challenges that work better when they are together.