Journalism Awards: Reporting on Ageing and Relations between the Generations

The “Reporting on Ageing and Relations between the Generations Journalism Awards” is an initiative of the European Commission.
These awards recognise journalists whose work has made a significant contribution to a better understanding of the challenges of an ageing society and how they can be ackled, thus raising the level of the public debate and promoting better policymaking.

European Journalism Awards

1 September 2012

Award divisions
There are two award divisions:
1. Written: articles, interviews, editorials, etc. published in print and online
2. Audio-visual: interviews, documentaries, video reports, short stories, etc. broadcast or available online
Selection criteria
Entries will be assessed for their journalistic quality and their capacity to promote better public understanding of the ageing challenges and possible solutions.

Specific rules
1. Entries must have been published/aired in EU Member States, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein between 1 October 2011 and 31 August 2012. Entrants must provide proof that the entry has been published/aired and of its date (e.g. in the form of a pdf or screenshot of the article, or the time of broadcast).
2. A series of articles published over a period should be submitted as a single entry provided that they were all published in the same print or online media.
3. Articles from print and online media, and audio-visual entries, must be submitted in their original layout.

Prizes for EU Finalists
• First place: EUR 2 000
• Second place: EUR 1 000
• Third place: EUR 500

There will be prizes for both divisions. The prizes are to be used for journalistic work (e.g. travel, equipment, conferences, etc.). EU finalists in each category will be invited to the awards ceremony in Brussels. Travel costs will be paid from any EU city.

It is important to read carefully both general rules and specific rules to apply for this award. So, please, take your time to have a look at the rules and decide if you are eligible to continue with the process of applying.

If you need further information, please visit the awards’ website