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Product naming is considered a critical part of the branding process, so for us it is a key part of the process of developing a digital PR work. Through social media and Internet we strive hard to position your company in the Spanish market, so that your firm will become well-known.

Dubsar PR is a Madrid-based public relations agency, so we are familiar with the Spanish market. If you are new in the Spanish sector, we have a solution for your company. Starting is often tricky, but digital tools are for helping you. We understand that a brand name is more than what is shown. Internet plays a main role in increasing your visibility and positioning your brand name.

Our services include all of the marketing activities that affect the brand image, such as positioning and the design of the logo, packaging and the product itself, which may involve the application of creative and linguistic strategies and results.

Naming is more than the product itself

You cannot expect to sell to everyone, so we will narrow down who you want to sell to and make the name appeal to that group. The goal here is to give the product a name that has an appealing association. We provide you with names and slogans that are descriptive, concise and are easily remembered.

In all types of naming it is important that the name produces the right emotions, associations, and images. In addition, if you are naming a product that will be on a retail shelf, the name should be short enough to fit on the retail box and be legible from several feet away.

This is what we have learnt for several years by helping companies to position their products in the Spanish market. We are aware of the fact that the process involved in product naming can take months to complete, but we know how to achieve your goals and spend the time required.

Naming services

  • Defining the name of what you want to sell.
  • Adapting the name of product to the Spanish market.
  • Proposing several names before implementing the final name.
  • Creative and linguistic strategy.
  • Comprehensive naming services.

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