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Digital Content in Spain

We understand that a company that aims to penetrate the Spanish market for the first time, requires a great deal of digital content to become well-known. For this reason, we are familiar with the creation of digital content; going beyond the written tools, such as SEO position and SEM.

Over our six years in public relations and B2B marketing, we have refined our methods so that we know what works and, equally important, what does not work, when it comes to getting you more corporate visibility and credibility. We will provide you with original branding digital content in the form of audio, video, articles and everything that demonstrates your expertise.

At the forefront of our minds when we create content for clients’ websites is how we can use the media to get their message over better tell their stories. Digital contents are for helping you to give mainstream media and stakeholders the right story at the right moment.

Digital content, the opportunity to address stakehloders

No matter if you are not au fait with digital tools, Dubsar PR gives you the opportunity of addressing potential issues that may arise with the media and other stakeholders by creating stunning digital content. We will offer you digital content for newsletters, brochures, presentations, blogs, corporate videos and websites.

We will help you to implement your business ideas successfully and strengthen your long-term market position. With tools like SEO position and SEM, your visibility will rise and your brand name will be recognized within the Spanish market.

There are more companies in your sector, but you will establish the difference in comparison with the other if you implement proper communication. Digital tools are very valuable and affordable for improving your business. It brings you the opportunity of enhancing a win-win business solution.

Digital content services

  • SEO position and SEM.
  • More credibility and visibility by using digital tools.
  • Digital material for stakeholders and media.
  • Enhancement of your online reputation.
  • Meeting target and potential customers.

Helping teachers with digital content for Fundación Carlos de Amberes

Our work with Fundación Carlos de Amberes is based on providing education material which is published on the Internet afterwards. We collaborate with this institution to create units for some teachers who want to link the units they explain to European issues, such as the Digital Agenda or European institutions. Everything is uploaded in its website and can be used by everyone.

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